- Some of Brett's best qualities are his determination, enthusiasm and helpful nature. He is driven and honest. A trustworthy individual for you lenders out there! He pays on time and follows through... - Gail Smith

- Brett is a genuine businessman and mentor. His business ventures speak for themselves, but what is most impressive is the fact that despite his busy schedule and multiple arenas of focus, he still makes the time to help others in any way he can. Brett has consistently been available to give advice or simply talk through an issue and has never made me feel as if I was taking up too much of his time. I greatly appreciate his empowering attitude and advice, and know that anyone whose life is touched by Brett will walk away a better person for it. - Christina Kostarellis

- Brett is an all around good dude that truly cares for others and wants to see everyone around him succeed. Very knowledgeable on different forms of real estate investing. - Andrew Abbott

- His dedication to helping others goes far beyond real estate. Brett has helped me as a real estate mentor as well as life coach, he has a gift of allowing others to find their "why" and outline steps to get to where they want to be in life. You don't need a problem in real estate to call him, give him a shout and add another great friend to your life. Cheers! - Cody Schmitt

- Brett I brings a refreshing approach to Real Estate.. Hard work and honesty. I've had the pleasure of being involved in a number of transactions with him this year and everyone has gone smooth. He follows through on what he says and in a timely manner. I highly recommend Brett Buys Roc Houses! - Rick Doherty

- Brett is honest, entrepreneurial, cares about helping others, and is so motivating and inspiring! He runs a great business! Proud to have done business with him and to know him! - Matt Drouin

- Brett is an amazing person and finds the best opportunities for his clients! Definitely would recommend - Nikki Love

- Brett is a leader in real estate investing, marketing and coaching. Brett has been a tremendous help to me and many others in sharing ideas and strategies in real estate investing and life experiences. Brett has created and an outstanding marketing approach to generate leads to find real estate deals and continues to improve on it. Brett takes a win/win approach in dealing with others selling him their properties, the seller understands the process and is happy to sell their properties to him. He has also created a marketing campaign to sell or rent investment properties that has resulted in excellent results. Brett is also a Coach that helps others in real estate and many aspects of life including understanding your why and how to get there and also find out what is holding you back from taking that next step. Brett is someone I have turned to many times with questions and he has always taken the time to help. I have referred many people to Brett for help with different questions/issues/problems they may have and receive feedback over and over again from them telling me how helpful and knowledgeable Brett is! I highly recommend for anyone to contact Brett to learn more about his services. - Scott Speer 

- I know Brett to be super creative, knowledgeable, honest and an all around good guy. I recommend him to anyone in need of his services without hesitation! - Mike Wagner

- Brett has been a significant influence in my life over the last five years personally, professionally and spiritually. He has a heart for helping others find the value in themselves. In an industry that typically looks for the the next property to invest in, Brett looks for the next person. A true man of integrity. - Rebecca Stout