Over the course of my career, I thought financial freedom was the key to success but what I found is something completely different.  Wealth is much more than money, it’s a mindset. It’s how you live a balanced life, designed to serve those around you; money after all is the bi-product of adding value.  


How do we live a balanced life in such a crazy world? It’s simple, create a vision around your life, not a business around your life. What if I told you my goal is to work 20 hours a month, never having to worry about paying any bills, or saving for vacations?  What if I told you I already know entrepreneurs living this lifestyle, and that I’m pretty close to attaining it myself? The truth is many business owners start a business without a clear plan. Their vision revolves around money, and what it can do for them. They let the world frame what their lives look like, and instead of finding freedom, they build a jail.


I believe we all have a purpose and a reason for our existence, we all have special gifts and the same ability to impact the world. Some know exactly what their purpose is, others have a difficult time putting the pieces together, like me.  It wasn’t until I stepped out of my comfort zone, and found an amazing network that I started to craft my own vision for my life. But I can confidently say, without help from others this wouldn’t have been possible.